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I've always enjoyed computer games and my tastes tend towards puzzle, strategy and action adventure genres. I've included links to Amazon where available for those that would like to buy a game, view the game's cover or read reviews (just click on the game's title to be whisked off to Amazon).

Currently Playing: Planet of the Apes.

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Action Adventure

Alien Resurrection

If you liked the Alien movies then you'll love this game. I found it very atmospheric; great when played in the dark! The levels are plenty big with lots of exploring to do (although sometimes I'd get lost). My only complaint is that this is such a hard game that without cheats I'd never have been able to complete it.

Alien Trilogy

Like Alien Resurrection this game has lots of atmosphere with great sound, music and missions, but the graphics are a bit of a letdown. Lots of challenges and thankfully not as difficult as Alien Resurrection.

Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare

This game belongs to the genre known as "survival-horror", where your job is to stay alive long enough to solve the mystery amidst all the scary goings on around you. You can play as either Edward Carnby, a paranormal private investigator, or Aline Cedrac, a college professor and requisite video game babe. These two protagonists cross paths every so often but have separate adventures within the main story, which, in this case, involves evil supernatural forces at work on the appropriately named Shadow Island. Very impressive lighting and sound effects, genuinely scary in places.

Duke Nukem Time To Kill

This is a great action adventure game; plenty of shooting, running, shooting, jumping, shooting, pushing switches, shooting, more shooting, etc. You get the idea!

Great graphics, cool sound and plenty of action. The puzzles aren't quite as hard as you'll find in other action adventure games, but you still might have more fun if you've got an invincibility cheat.

Quake II

One of the all time classics on the PC, I thought I better try out the PlayStation version. If running around shooting everything in sight is your idea of fun then you'll love Quake II! I was quite surprised at the good frame rate, and the game makes excellent use of the PlayStation's controller. Unlike the PC version there is no built-in "God Mode", so you better be good or you won't last long!

Silent Hill

This is probably the spookiest game I've ever played, and I don't scare easily! For best effect you should play this game at night, with the lights out, and preferably with a storm blowing outside. The storyline is a bit weird, and I'm still not sure I understand it, but Silent Hill is a great survival horror game. Wonderful lighting and sound effects make this a "must own" game.

Tomb Raider

I figured I couldn't really be called a gamer unless I'd at least played and completed a Tomb Raider, so I thought I'd start at the beginning with the very first Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider has lots of jumping around and climbing, plenty of deadly traps and enemies, and the visuals and sounds are very good when you think of how old this game is. I suggest that you use one of the many walk-throughs to complete this game, otherwise you'll get very frustrated. Some parts I found quite hard (i.e. in places you had to run and do several jumps in different directions to get through swinging blades, etc); but if you just keep trying you'll get there eventually.

Tomb Raider 3

I enjoyed the first Tomb Raider so much that I thought I'd try another, and so I moved on to Tomb Raider 3 (my local games shop didn't have TR 2 so I skipped straight to 3). The graphics in TR3 have been greatly improved upon, with very nice lighting effects. Control has also been enhanced by adding a few new moves (crawl, monkey swing and speed dash). Riding in vehicles adds some variety to the game (kayak and quad bike), as does some new enemies (monkeys, piranhas and even T-Rex dinosaurs!) Once again I needed a good walk-through to get through some of the very tricky puzzles and to know where the traps are.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

I couldn't resist another adventure with Lara Croft and so Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was purchased. There are some nice new moves (pole climbing and rope swinging), new items (crossbow, laser-sight, binoculars, etc) and an interesting method of combining items to solve puzzles and make new weapons. Apart from a few places where I had difficulties swinging from rope to rope, I found this the easiest TR game that I've played. Highly recommended!


Discworld Noir

I've been a big fan of Terry Pratchett's Disc World books for several years and have read every single one of them (I even have an autographed copy of The Last Continent). When the chance game to play a Disc World game I jumped at the chance!

I spent a couple of weeks playing this game, on and off. You play the part of a detective that has to solve a mystery. The mystery seems to go in several directions but at the end of the game everything ties back together. The graphics are pretty good and the voices are well done too. I had to resort to a walk-through in a few places, but overall it isn't too hard.

Dracula - The Resurrection

I was very impressed with this game. You play the part of Jonathan Harker, whose wife has run off to Transylvania and fallen into the clutches of Count Dracula; you have to chase after and rescue her. Fortunately this is the sort of adventure game where you don't get killed just by talking to the wrong person or walking into the wrong room (I hate those games!) The game also won't let you get too far without completing important tasks (i.e. you won't get to the end of the game and find the last room won't open because you should have found a hidden key that was right at the beginning of the game!) The graphics are simply stunning, probably the best I've ever seen on the PlayStation. You can look 360° around (including up and down) and the scrolling is incredibly fast and smooth. The cinematic sequences are also great, but the best are the close ups of the character's faces (you can even see the veins in their eyes!) There isn't too much of a plot, and the problems are fairly easily solved, but I really enjoyed this game. This is a two disc game.


This is a whopper of a game; four discs worth! You don't actually play as Mulder or Scully, instead you're another agent on a case that eventually gets tangled up with Mulder and Scully. The controls and puzzles are fairly easy. The whole game was filmed with real actors at real locations, so a lot of your time is spent watching videos of actors talking with each other. You can instruct your character what to say and do, although this is limited to certain things. It's possible to die in this game, so you'll need to be on your toes. If you're an X-Files fan, like me, then you'll enjoy this game, otherwise it's only worth renting.

Board Games


One of my favourite board games. The PlayStation version offers all the usual variations that people like to play with. The animated sequences are nice but I would have liked to see more of them. Thankfully you can turn them off if you want quicker play.


I hadn't played this board game before I got the PlayStation version, so my first task was to learn how to play the game. Once that was done I found the PlayStation version to be quite engrossing. The idea is to vie for global domination through military strategy. This version is faithful to the original, plus there are lots of new maps that you can play on and rule variations to the make the games more exciting. Highly recommended to all fans of the original board game.


Ace Combat 2

For me a good flight simulator should be fun to play, have great graphics, and not take years to learn to fly! Ace Combat 2 more than meets this criteria. There are plenty of planes to choose from and you can have a wingman flying with you. Fifty missions are included (night flying, canyon runs, etc). An enjoyable game!

Star Trek: Invasion

This game is basically a flight simulator in space. You get to pilot a Valkyrie fighter through 30 missions, some easy and some quite hard. Great voice acting by Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) and Michael Dorn (Worf). Unfortunately I couldn't complete the game because on one of the later missions I got stuck in empty space and no amount of flying around would do anything.


Ms Pacman Maze Madness

This game actually came out after Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary, and is very similar in style. You can play 2-D Ms Pacman if you want, but I found that quite boring. The 3-D game is much more interesting and has large worlds for you to explore and puzzles to solve.

Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary

This game was a lot of fun, with lots of jumping around and exploring worlds (similar to Sonic the Hedgehog), all in glorious 3-D! Yes, the old 2-D Pac-Man has been replaced by a 3-D Pac-Man and world! Some levels are very hard to complete as they involve jumping and landing at exactly the right time, which was very frustrating until I created an Xplorer cheat to give myself infinite health and lives. The game is quite large and took quite some time to complete, even with the cheats! The original arcade game is also included.


Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy

A very cute platform puzzle game. Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy is meant to be for young kids, and as such it isn't too hard, but older puzzle-loving people will enjoy this too. Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy has quite good replay value, with multiple routes you can take through its levels, a two player versus mode, unlock different characters, etc. The cute graphics and music fit in well with the Hello Kitty theme.


Micro Machines V3

Quite a fun game that lets you race around in toy cars and boats. Some of the courses are quite small (i.e. the kitchen table, where you weave in and out of cereal packets, plates and cutlery) while others are very big.

World's Scariest Police Chases

Quite a good game! You get to drive one of several different types of vehicle around a city, chasing the bad guys and trying to stop them (either by shooting them or running them off the road). Unfortunately when it comes to damaging the cars it seems like your car is made out of tin foil and the baddies have titanium plated cars! As well as the free format game where you can go anywhere you want (I found exploring the city quite interesting; there's some fun signs and things) there are also 20 missions that you can complete. I was going fine until I hit mission 12 and just couldn't complete it no matter how hard I tried. Fortunately my Xplorer cheat cartridge came to my rescue.


Arcade Party Pack

Four games from the 80's: 720, Rampage, Klax, Toobin', Smash TV and Super Sprint. Smash TV is by far the best game of the lot, with Super Sprint a close second. Somehow the games seemed much better when I originally played them years ago... Also included are video interviews with the original game makers, which are very interesting and insightful.


This is a remake of the classic game Pong (you can find a Java version here). In this version the graphics and sound are much slicker than the original, and there are a number of sections to play through (each with its own theme). Unfortunately the controls aren't all that great and this makes the game very hard in places. I quickly became frustrated with this game and gave up playing it.


Ghoul Panic

A G-Con shooting game with three levels of play. Each level is a different part of a haunted house. Very much like Point Blank with the type of shooting games. An extra bonus is an adventure type game where you explore the haunted house and enter different rooms. Each room has a different game in it, and completing the game gives you an item that you can use (i.e. keys to get into locked rooms, a torch to see in the dark with, etc).

Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James

Pretty standard G-Con shooting game, ala Time Crisis. You play the part of Jesse James who is out to rescue his girl and avenge the death of his buddy. There are five levels of play ranging from a saloon to an underground mine to a train. The play is a little bit uneven at places; what looks hard turns out to be easy and the easy looking stuff can be a bit hard. The voice acting is pretty good, real Old West type. The graphics are about average.

Mighty Hits Special

Another G-Con shooting game, quite similar to Point Blank. If you liked Point Blank then you'll like this game too.

Point Blank

Point Blank will keep you busy for quite some time. There are target shooting games which you can play by yourself or against someone else, and there's also an adventure game where you have to go around an island. The target shooting games are split up into different categories such as shooting something as fast as you can, shooting a certain number of items, one bullet aiming, etc. The graphics and sound effects are bright and breezy. This is a great party game too!

Point Blank 3

More of the same. All the games are new (over 80 of them!), and if you liked the original then you'll like this version too.

Time Crisis

This is the game that introduced me to the G-Con 45 light-gun. Game play is the standard hide behind objects, pop up and shoot a few bad guys and then pop back down to reload your gun. Since this was my first light-gun game I was pretty amazed at how well it worked.

Time Crisis: Project Titan

Time Crisis: Project Titan is more of the same. You play the part of a secret agent who has been framed in a presidential assassination. There are lots of bad guys after you who you have to shoot, of course! The graphics are improved over the older Time Crisis, but I think the game is a little bit too short.


Command & Conquer

If you're a military strategy fan and you haven't heard of Command & Conquer then you must have been living in a cave somewhere for the last few years. This is the grand daddy of them all, spawning several follow-up Command & Conquer games (Red Alert, Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Renegade, etc). Its reputation is well deserved!

Military strategy games can sometimes be so complex that it takes ages to learn how to play them, fortunately Command & Conquer is easy to pick up and hard to put down. You control one of two warring factions and are given missions to solve. Usually you have to built a base, harvest a mineral called Tiberium to earn money which you use to generate troops and military hardware, then attack the other side. The music is quite funky and the between mission movie sequences are well done.


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