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S&V Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse


In April of 2007 I purchased an S&V model SVSMK68502C wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse set from Foodtown (a large supermarket chain here in New Zealand). The instruction manual was a bit skimpy and so I've put together this page to help other owners.

Official Specifications (taken from box):

  • Wireless 5 button mouse with 800 DPI optical resolution
  • Wireless keyboard with 11 multimedia and internet hotkeys
  • Mouse backward and forward hotkeys ideal for web browsing
  • Alkaline batteries included for wireless keyboard
  • Rechargeable batteries included for mouse
  • USB connectivity
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP

Manual: The manual is 5 pages long and only covers the basics. Hopefully this page will give you more info about the keyboard and mouse set.

Support: Support for the S&V wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse set, model SVSMK68502C, is provided by Progressive Enterprises Ltd. Their support phone number in New Zealand is 0800 44 88 66. The set has a 12 month warranty.

Initial Setup: Setting up the keyboard and mouse is fairly easy. Install the correct batteries in the mouse and keyboard (rechargeable AAA's into the mouse and AA's into the keyboard.

For Windows 98, ME or 2000 insert the provided CD-ROM and the installation program should appear automatically (if not then run the SETUP.EXE program that you'll find on the CD-ROM). Follow the on-screen instructions and the drivers will install and then you'll be asked to restart your computer. Windows XP doesn't require the drivers to be installed, so no need to use the CD-ROM if you've got XP.

Plug the mouse's docking station into a spare USB port. If you've already got an old keyboard and mouse then unplug these now. Turn on the computer and you should see the green LED on the docking station light up.

Connection Setup: Once the drivers and batteries are installed and the computer turned on, you need to set up the connection. This tells the docking station which channel the keyboard and mouse are broadcasting on. Press the Connect button on the docking station and the green LED will flash. Press the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse and the green LED will flash faster to confirm that the mouse has successfully been connected. Again press the Connect button on the docking station and the green LED will flash. Press the Connect button on the bottom of the keyboard and the green LED will flash faster to confirm that the keyboard has successfully been connected.

The keyboard should work straight away, but you may have to charge up the mouse batteries before the mouse will work properly. Leave the mouse sitting in the docking station for a good couple of hours; the red light on the docking station will be on steady when the batteries are charging, will start flashing slower and slower as the batteries approach a full charge, and will turn off completely when the batteries are fully charged.

Note: Usually the mouse can only re-charge when the computer is turned on as the docking station takes its power from the computer's USB port, however some PC's will supply power to the USB ports even when they are powered down as long as there is power going into the PC.

Mouse Behaviour: The mouse will automatically enter sleep mode after there's been no mouse movement for approximately 8 minutes. The red laser inside the mouse will go out and the mouse pointer on the screen will stop working when you move the mouse. To activate the mouse again you need to press one of the mouse buttons.

I've found that occasionally the mouse will go into sleep mode even though I've been using it. Pressing a button wakes it up again.

Keyboard Behaviour: I've found that the keyboard occasionally loses the ability to use the multimedia and internet hot-keys. Pressing one of the hot-keys causes nothing to happen. I assume this is a software problem because the connection light on the docking station flashes to show a key has been pressed, and restarting the computer causes the hot-keys to work again.

Batteries: If the green light on the docking station is consistently flashing slowly with out any mouse or keyboard activity then your keyboard batteries are getting low and you may need to replace them.


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