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Software Problems


Here are some software problems that I've encountered recently and their solutions.


Display corruption causes a horizontal line to appear when scrolling the design window up.


FrontPage error: "The server sent a response which FrontPage could not parse."


Star Trek Hidden Evil won't install under Windows 2000.


When running a PHP script with IIS a "CGI Timeout" error occurs after 5 minutes.

When running a PHP script with IIS you get a "No input file specified" error.

PHP Sets Incorrect Permissions With move_uploaded_file()


A Microsoft Access database that used to work ok in Access 97 doesn't work after being converted to Access 2002.


Properties dialog box in Windows Explorer doesn't work on Windows 2000.

Paint Shop Pro rebuilds the browser thumbnails when it doesn't need to due to a daylight savings change.

Unable to Log In to Windows 2000 After Changing Drive Letters.

Autoexec.nt - The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.

MP3 Players

Sort MP3 files on MP3 player


Outlook 2007 Spacer GIFs Not Working

Yahoo Problems

Unable to process request at this time -- error 999


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